Shanq Chyuu Industrial Co., Ltd.

Saking Industry is specialized in High handed grouting machines, hardware tools, and stanch material. The manufactured items includes High handed grouting machines,Construction Machinery Accessory,Pressure Resistant Controllers,High PerforMance Hose,injection packers,Butter mouth. Except for the sales of Saking Brand, the company will develop and produce related products for material dealers via OEM and ODM.

For many years, to provide high quality product and professional technic service to satisfy customers is our business tenet of Saking Brand, at the same time, we also keep making adjustment and development on product for customers, so we get more support from customers, and face more challenge with thick source and experience.

In order to meet the requirement of the powertool maintain,in Taiwan, Saking has set up three manitain points(Taichung City, Taipei and Kaohsiung)for instant service; in southeast Asia,it will be handle by the agent. In other countries and regions, we will set up the service point step by step to meet the market requirement based on the alteration of global economy structure.

Everlasting R&D and innovation, keeping improving quality and reducing cost is the persistent goal of Saking, which is also the strongest backing of the market competition. We will keep the leading position with this thought in the developing times.

Products items:

High handed grouting machines

Construction Machinery Accessory

Pressure Resistant Controllers

High PerforMance Hose

injection packers

Sealing the needle

Butter mouth


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